Things NOT to do when criticising Trump

Things NOT to do when criticising Trump:
—Make fun of his body (body-shaming), incl.
—making fun of his fatness, present him in illustrations as fatter than in real life as if this is a sign of evil, or in any way related to what is wrong about him (fatphobia)
—Make fun of the size of his penis ("It Uses the [deeply patriarchal and toxic] Idea That Someone Isn’t ‘Manly Enough’ As an Insult," is transphobic, and body essentialism: JUST STOP.)
—Make fun of his small hands (wtf? Can we all take a moment to see this one stems from the popular idea that size of hands reflects size of penis? See above. STOP.)
—Make fun of his ability to have sex, whether he has sex, or what kind of sex he has p r o v i d e d  i t  i s  c o n s e n s u a l (misses the point, and decentres the actual issue here: the rape/sexual assault allegations & his openly rapey ideology)—Say "Pussy grabs back":What is it that we are grabbing exactly? (Rape Culture; not how this works)—Make fun of Melania's accent / eloquence (xenophobia, classism), or focus on her appearance (misogyny, femmephobia) or overtly sexual photoshoots she has done in the past (slut-shaming, SWERF); Melania is not the problem here: centring her again misses the point. Stop treating her like an object that is attached to him, which the exact objectification/dehumanisation that you seem to oppose when it comes from him.
—Call him "crazy," "mad," "a r****d," (ableist, stigmatising)
—Depict him kissing Putin or any other man, or wearing make up, as a way to humiliate him (homophobia, misogyny, femmephobia)

—Make fun of his young child, esp. attaching diagnoses of mental health illnesses to them (ableism; misses the point: you are vilifying a child)

Things to DO:
—Criticise his misogyny, racism, homo/transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, rampant capitalism, populism.
—Create allyships with groups affected, incl,
—amplifying their voices, and sharing the content & advocacy they produce from within their groups.
—Scrutinise his policies, and expose them.


  1. You forgot to not be ableist by calling him a moron or cr*zy, etc etc. It just stigmatizing those of us with disabilities.

  2. I appreciate the outlining for the anti-hypocrisy. It has frustrated me also. I find too many partisans are dogwhistled. Definitions are a big thing also. He's not a racist, but a nationalist. We can all come to agreements perhaps: adjectives like 'obnoxious'. University of Tel Aviv dated skeletal remains recently - not sure if that's going to indicate Race existing again or not. Coffee good. Coffee bad. Wine good. Wine bad. World police okay today but not good yesterday.

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