Notes from the Secular Conference 2014 in London

The Secular Conference is an annual event held in London that attracts activists, writers, scientists, politicians, and all sorts of brave people that 'defend secularism, including those of faith and none'[1].
With a vast majority of women and POC, both in the panels and the audience, this year's event was a special kind of awesome. I encourage you to go through the list of speakers, and support/follow/network with them individually as they are an eclectic bunch of precious allies.

Highlights of the weekend include:

 The closing speech of Iranian activist, ex-Muslim, and fierce leader Maryam Namazie calling for the adoption of the Manifesto for Secularism, which I have endorsed as an individual, but also on behalf of the Humanist Union of Greece (member of the Secretariat), and the Atheist Union of Greece (founding member). 
I invite you to join, sign, and share.

 All of the speakers. Cannot be stressed enough: look them up, support their projects.

 FEMEN Queen Inna Shevchenko, the brave and eloquent human rights lawyer Maha Kamal, the always charming Prof Richard Dawkins& myself getting together to form an impromptu Vaginal Coalition Against Bigotry
Va.C.A.B., photo ©Daniel Adamson
A few of the photos I took during the conference:

More photos here.
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Curious about what secularists are facing in Greece?
Read this concise report on Theocracy in Greece put together by the Atheist Union of Greece: 

And sign HUG's petition to abolish the Greek anti-blasphemy laws here: