My speech at the assembly of World Without Nazism, 9/10/12, Strasbourg

General Assembly of the International Human Rights Movement 'World Without Nazism'Strasbourg, 9/10/12 - Opening Session: Shpigel B. I. (chairman of the International WWN), Kravchuk L. (former president of Ukraine, chairman of Ukraine WWN), Voronin V. (Moldovian MP, 3rd president of the Republic), Goroya E. (Greek Helsinki Monitor), Cvetkova I. (Latvian MP), Bondik V. (member of the Supreme Council of Ukraine), Monrose G. (Pastor, USA), Father Sup. Philip (rep. of the Russian Orthodox Church), Bogdanov V. (chairman of the Russian Union of Journalists), Kapinsky A. (Polish MP), Bishop Lazar (rep. of the Estonian Church), Srulevich A. (Director of the European Department of the US Anti-Defamation league).

Speaker: Eliza Goroya, Greek Helsinki Monitor

[After a representative of Vladimir Putin had read his letter of support to the assembly:]
The joy of listening Putin's comments on intolerance.Where does irony end and involuntary self-parody begins? Closing this parenthesis, my name is Eliza Goroya and I am representing the Greek Helsinki Monitor where I work as an advocate for freedom of speech and freedom of—and from—religion.
I assume you've heard the news (about Greece).But how did we get here?
Greece is a country where racist attitudes and intolerance towards national, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, and other minorities is widespread in society including state and judicial authorities while fight against—and especially punishment for—racism and intolerance is almost totally absent.
Most characteristically, just a few days ago, the Minister of Justice informed the Parliament that there have been only a few prosecutions with the anti-racism law 927/79 (in effect all of them—about half-a-dozen- resulted from the some 50 GHM related complaints—no one else has filed such complaints), while the invocation of the racist motive as an aggravating circumstance as well as of the anti-discrimination law 3304/2005 in courts is non-existent.
On the contrary, the acquittal of notorious neo-Nazi Costas Plevris in his trial for his 1400-page—anti-Semitic, among others—book, even by a majority of Supreme Court judges (not in the name of freedom of expression but because his book was not considered racist!), has shown that even extreme racist views are shared by the majority of even top judges.
In such a climate, in 2000 was founded an extreme right party with racist views named 'LAOS' which quickly won seats in the EP (in 2004 and 2009) and in the National Parliament (in 2007 and 2009). It was immediately treated as a mainstream party by all media and parties and that allowed it to even join the government in 2011-2012.
In 2012, two more extreme right parties, Independent Greeks and Golden Dawn outscored LAOS and entered the National Parliament. All three parties got above 20% in May 2012 and above 15% in June 2012, with an estimate of more than 25% of the voters having voted for these three parties at least once.
Golden Dawn is not an 'average' extreme right party but an outright neo-Nazi party with a violent militant membership that is held responsible for a series of violent attacks mostly against immigrants. The only other comparable parliamentary party in Europe is Jobbik in Hungary. This is not accidental: in all Euro-barometers, the highest percentage of people who express xenophobic views (e.g. 'expel all migrants') are found in Greece and Hungary. Human rights activists (including GHM) have pointed out that all three extreme right parties, including Golden Dawn, are treated as mainstream parties: for example almost all TV channels award them time equivalent to their percentage if not more, usually uncritically. As a contrast, NGOs are almost absent from TV stations.
Furthermore, while Golden Dawn is increasingly assuming the role of law enforcement officers on the streets of Greece, polls show that it is all done with the support of the police as 50% of the police officers vote for them.
As Golden Dawn becomes more and more de-marginalised, religious leaders are publicly expressing their support towards them; it seems that the Greek Orthodox Church and the far-right are developing a sinister co-dependency as they share the same 'hate agenda'. As far as the official state religion is inextricably connected with the national identity as a cine-qua-non the enemy is common:
Non-Greeks, non-Christians and—let's not forget the pink triangle, or, the pink elephant in the room—L.G.B.T.
While 'hate speech' is not illegal, anti-blasphemy laws have become more severe resulting in a bitter blow against freedom of speech.
In short, everyone who is not Greek/white, Christian and heterosexual is in danger.
We cannot allow this to continue and climax.
As this cannot be dealt with on a local level, it is of paramount importance that we work collectively and pro-actively and stop this madness.
Not tomorrow.
Let's do it today.
Let's do it yesterday.
Let's do this.-


  1. Δεν ξέρω γιατί πήγες εκεί. Αυτή η οργάνωση είναι GONGO (κυβερνητικώς ελεγχόμενη, μασκαρεμένη ΜΚΟ) και ο ιδρυτής της είναι πουτινικός.

  2. Για την απόλυτη ηδονή του να πω όσα είπα και να εκπροσωπήσω όλους/-ες αυτούς/-ές που οι Πουτινικοί δεν ήθελαν να ακούσουν/εκπροσωπηθούν.

    Για την απόλυτη ηδονή του να λες 'gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual' αργά και καθαρά και να βλέπεις τους ομοφοβικούς να ανατριχιάζουν από την αηδία και να εκτίθενται.

  3. Το θέμα όμως είναι πως από το ένα αυτί μπήκαν, από το άλλο βγήκαν. Είναι σαν να πήγες στο UKIP για να κάνεις κήρυγμα υπέρ της EE.