It's all in your mind

Bird : Lady?
Lady : Yes Bird?
Bird : It's cold
Lady : I know
Lady : Bird... I cannot see a thing
Bird : It's all in your mind
Lady : I'm worried
Bird : No one will come to see us
Lady : Maybe they come but we just don't see them. What do you see?
Bird : I see what's outside
Lady : And what exactly is outside?
Bird : It's grown-ups
Lady : Well maybe if we scream they can hear us
Bird : Yeah, maybe we should try to scream
Lady : Ok, Bird
Lady & Bird : Heeeelp, Heeeelp. Can you hear us now? Hello! Help! Hello, it's me. Hey. Can you see...? Can you see me? I'm here. Nana come and take us. Hello. Are you there? Hello!
Lady : I don't think they can hear us.
Bird : I can hear you lady
Bird : Do you want to come with me lady?
Lady : Will you be nice to me Bird?
Lady : You're always be nice to me because you're my friend
Bird : I try but sometimes I make mistakes
Lady : Nana says we all make mistakes
Bird : Maybe we should scream more
Lady : Yes, Bird let's scream more
Lady & Bird : Help ! Help us ! Come on ! Help ! Hello ! Help!  Hello ! We're lost!
Bird : It's all in your mind

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